Why Choose XSense?

Real-Time Operational and Cyber Incident Alerts - XSense starts operating within minutes of the installation, providing immediate complete visibility into the operational network, alerting about existing operational and cyber threats and beginning its on-going machine learning process.

Active Machine Learning and Modeling - XSense continuously learns the operational network, adapts to changes within it and detects operational and cyber threats in real-time. The machine learning process enhances the capability of the platform to provide early detection of incidents and enriches the advanced XSense detection algorithms for rapid incident identification and alerting. This process enables to minimize human error, resulting in lower risk of downtime and ease of administration.

Zero Impact Installation - No interruption to operation. XSense is plugged into the span port, monitoring port or physical tap and begins to work. There is no overhead and pre-requisites and there is no interruption to operation as XSense seamlessly inspects existing OT infrastructure and does not require any new changes or additional investments to be an effective tool.  

Product Highlights

  • Complete visibility of threats within the OT Environment
  • Real-time detection and alerting of operational and cyber security incidents
  • Machine learning and behavior modeling provides crucial understanding of suspicious and threatening activities
  • Historical forensics provides insight into operational and security events in the OT environment
  • Smooth installation with no interruption to operation