Why Choose a Vulnerability Assessment from CyberX?


The only VA solution designed from the ground up for OT networks, CyberX's VA uses patent-pending behavioral analytics and proprietary threat intelligence to reveal hidden IIoT and ICS vulnerabilities such as industrial malware, vulnerable firewall rules, weak authentication, unauthorized remote access, and undocumented devices.

CyberX VA instantly assesses risk in your ICS network and is substantially faster and more cost-effective than traditional manual approaches requiring specialized consultants.

Detailed Reporting

CyberX's Vulnerability Assessment technology delivers detailed reports as well as risk-prioritized mitigation recommendations for reducing your attack surface and strengthening your ICS risk posture.

Reports areinstantly generated after uploading your network data to our on-premises appliance or cloud-based platform. The VA report provides a risk score for the entire ICS network as well as a score for each discovered device, along with CVEs for each device and other vulnerabilities such as open ports and undocumented bridges between subnets.

You also get a detailed view of your network topology and all connected devices.

Practical Mitigation Recommendations

CyberX's VA solution delivers practical and pragmatic recommendations for mitigating risks it finds in your ICS network. Each recommendation is associated with an estimated % risk reduction.

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Key Benefits

Consolidated view of operational and cybersecurity risk –  CyberX VA instantly maps all of your OT vulnerabilities, providing a consolidated view of both OT and cyber risks across your entire ICS network.

Fully automated – With no manual or human actions required, the VA process requires less time and effort from your team and is substantially faster than traditional manual assessments.

No risk to the OT network - The automated assessment process can be performed remotely, without connecting to the actual network, ensuring the network cannot be exposed and operations are not interrupted.

Comprehensive reporting - Provides a holistic picture and risk assessment for your entire ICS network.